Jalap Gen. Trading and Import Ltd. (Qasim Yahya Abdu Jalap)

Company specializing in the trade and import of sweets such as biscuits, wafers, chocolates and other types of food such as cooking oils, rice, tea, cheese, canned foods of all kinds and drinks like mineral water, soft drinks and cosmetics such as hair gel, body care creams and a wide variety of perfectly selected products that of high quality and fit with the purchasing power of all segments of community.
We distribute our products into all the cities of Yemen covering all of the top wholesalers, wholesaler’s centers, medium super Markets, malls and retail outlets.


Jalap General Trading and Import Ltd. (Qassim Yahya Abdu Jalap) whose history goes back to 1968, is one of the best loved brand names in Yemen.

  • Time stage

    The company was founded 1968 and started business as a Shop named jalap General Trading (Qassim Yahya Abdu Jalap) In the city of Ibb until 1990 it became headquartered in the capital Sana'a until 1995 and then received its independence in the name of Jalap General Trading (Qassim Yahya Abdu Jalap) and lasted until the end of the year 2012, and then founded Jalap General Trading and Import Co., Ltd. (Qassim Yahya Jalap) was established by the vision of its founder Qassim Yahya Abdu Jalap with the help of his sons.
  • The current situation of the company and its level

    It flourished Jalap General Trading and Import Ltd. and became famous thanks to its founder known perspicacity and commercial activity effort unrivaled adopted the principle of coupling a livelihood goodness, and that equation Could this inspiring to convey his ambition from one of the streets of Ibb city to an company project expanded until it became one of the largest companies on the local and regional level after thoughtful and confident Calibrated steps

Mr. Abdullah Qassim Jalap

Chairman of the Board / General Manager

Mr. Amin Qassim Jalap

Vice Chairman / Deputy Director General

Mr. Ibrahim Qassim jalap

Board member / director of Hodeida, Ibb branch

Mr. Malik Qassim Jalap

Board member / director of the Aden branch

Mr. Haitham Qassim Jalap

Board Member / Director of Marketing